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Passion for drawing and photography

Sinuous lines of the female body and blurred movement




Paolo Emilio Benvenuti was born in Asmara (Ethiopia) in 1962, to Italian parents who had moved to Ethiopia for work.

At the age of ten he returned with his parents to their hometown of Florence.
Here begins his passion for art and in particular for drawing and photography.
Also very interested in fashion and architecture, after secondary school, Paolo continued his education in interior architecture, fashion and design at the Cappiello Academy.

He began his career by successfully expressing his creativity through designing bags and accessories and in particular, a line for Gucci.
He then started working in the leather goods family business, still as a designer.
However, he does not abandon his passion for photography and drawing and he experimented using various techniques: Indian ink, watercolours, pastels, acrylic and charcoal.

Currently Benvenuti’s painting is mainly figurative, with a preference for the sinuous lines of the female body.
In his photography, however, reality is transformed through the skilful use of blurred movement, to evoke images that stimulate the viewer’s imagination.

Paolo Emilio Benvenuti, Floating lines in search of an emotion, Linee fluttuanti in cerca di un'emozione